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Cira™ services
CLIA testing services and Custom Assay Development

Aushon’s Cira™ services provides biomarker sample testing using Ciraplex® assays. These assays, which use our patent-pending Ciraplex® circular pattern design, are processed in our CLIA-certified laboratory resulting in a confidential report. Our internal production facility manufactures high-quality Ciraplex® arrays that:

  • Measure the particular proteins that are most relevant in your experimental or disease model.
  • Combine key biomarkers with common inflammatory cytokines for additional monitoring of immune response.

Choose from our current menu of validated assays and easily change your target biomarkers, based on testing results, shifts in focus, and the discovery of new proteins affecting disease pathways or indicating disease progression.

Cira™ services also offers custom assay development and validation for biomarkers not on our menu. Multiplex analysis is most powerful when it can be customized. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


  • Multiplex – obtain quantitative data for many proteins from a small volume of sample
  • Accurate – each new assay is validated to ensure proper quantification of natural protein
  • Sensitive – chemiluminescent detection allows for quantification of low levels of specific proteins
  • Reliable – experienced technicians follow strict GLP procedures and protocols
  • Custom – choose specific biomarkers from a growing menu of more than 300 assays
  • Fast – standard orders are completed in seven to ten business days
  • Cost effective – competitive pricing with a minimum order of only 10 samples
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