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Ciraplex® Chemiluminescent
Assay Kits

Aushon Ciraplex® Chemiluminescent Assay Kits are stock 1 to 12-plex kits for simultaneous measurement of popular combinations and species of cytokine, chemokine, angiogenesis and matrix metalloproteinase targets. The kits are complete, validated sets of spotted microplate and reagents that are as simple to use as traditional ELISA kits. Each kit consists of the multiplex pre-spotted plate, wash and dilution buffers, biotinylated antibody cocktail, streptavidin-HRP conjugate and chemiluminescent substrate solutions.

The kits allow researchers with access to the Cirascan™, CCD imaging system and Cirasoft™ analysis software (details below) to quantify multiple proteins per well in a 96-well plate, generating cytokine and biomarker profiles for important samples. The chemiluminescent arrays offer accurate, reproducible data for up to 40 samples per 96-well plate (if tested in duplicate) in just 3 to 5 hours. Each new lot of array plates is quality-tested for spotting consistency and specificity, to ensure there is no cross-reactivity or non-specific binding resulting from new antibody combinations.


  • Sensitive multiplex analysis – obtain more information per limited amount of valuable sample. Measure one to twelve proteins per microplate well (i.e., per 10-50 µl sample), detecting even low-abundance proteins with the sensitivity afforded by quantitative chemiluminescence
  • Accurate and quantitative -- Generate pg/ml protein values from each unknown sample. Lot-specific kit validation ensures that data are quantitative in the specified assay range
  • Optimized multiplexes -- spotted and detection antibody concentrations are optimized to provide the best assay range for each analyte with typical biological samples.
  • Sample compatibility – Aushon's Technology has been used with a variety of sample types, including culture supernatant, serum, plasma, BAL, CSF, crevicular fluid, amniotic fluid, nasal wash, cell lysate, peritoneal lavage, synovial fluid, breath condensate, brain microdialysate and various tissue homogenates.
  • Fast and accurate imaging and analysis – CCD imaging of Aushon's Assays is completed in ~1 to 5 minutes making it easy to share instrumentation and analyze multiple plates per day. Cirasoft Array Analysis Software is validated for the technology (see below). The image from each plate can be saved for a permanent record of raw experimental data.

Instrument and Software Requirements:

Because multiple assays are conducted within each well, the Cirascan™, CCD imaging system and specialized analysis software are required for Aushon's Chemiluminescent Array analysis. The Cirasoft™ Analysis Software is specifically optimized for analysis of quantitative protein arrays.

Aushon's complete portfolio of protein biomarker research products and services includes:

  • Aushon 2470 Arrayer: The industry’s most reliable microarray printer provides researchers with a single instrument for genomic and proteomic microarray applications, with unmatched sample and substrate flexibility and unequaled accuracy.
  • Sample Testing Service: A convenient, custom service that allows researchers to submit samples for quantitative analysis in custom Biomarker Arrays.
  • Custom Arrays and Assay Development: Select from a menu of more than 300 proteins to design an array consisting of 1 to 12 proteins per well.

Ordering Information:

On line Quote Request or by emailing Sales at, or contact an Aushon Account Representative at 978-436-6464

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