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Cirascan™ Imager & Cirasoft™ Analysis

Cirascan™ is a specially designed imager that captures multiple images from a Ciraplex® array, using an astronomy-grade cooled CCD camera with high-end optics. The imager uses a patented multiple exposure image acquisition algorithm to produce a high resolution composite image of each chemiluminescent array plate. An easy to use interface allows new users to operate Cirascan with minimal training. Simply prep samples using familiar ELISA protocols, place the plate into the compact, benchtop imager, and receive fully analyzed results within minutes!

Cirascan’s intuitive Apple iPad touch screen user interface allows researchers to select a plate layout created at their desktop computer and enter it on Cirascan via a network connection, Sample identification information can be entered directly into a plate layout with the optional Cira™ barcode reader.

Cirascan Imaging and Analysis system



Cirascan™ enables researchers to take full advantage of Aushon's custom multiplex biomarker platform, which was has been validated in both Phase II and Phase III clinical trials.

"We are currently designing clinical studies with Aushon's protein arrays incorporated for biomarker design and/or validation… with performance comparable to or better than ELISA in our studies." John Heymach, M.D., Ph.D., The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Engineered for simple, out-of-the-box setup, the Cirascan™ system offers incredible performance in a sleek, compact design that uses less than 2 feet of bench space. It features an integrated iPad® touch screen user interface and an embedded MacMini® computer, eliminating the need for separate, bulky components that take up valuable bench space.

Cirascan™ is designed to capture a series of images, offering an improved broader dynamic range of assay quantification. Rapid imaging (typically <2 minutes per plate) and a fixed-focus setting – so no focus adjustments are required from one image to the next – make it easily shared by multiple users. Plus, automated calculations of image time make the instrument incredibly easy to use.

  • Complete System: Imager (integrated with embedded Mac mini computer and iPad™ user interface), and array analysis software
  • Performance: Improved sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Fast: Typically generates 16-bit images in <2 minutes
  • User-friendly: Integrated touch screen user interface for image capture and storage; Fixed-focus setting and automatic calculation of optimal image times
  • Accuracy: Customized array software locates each spot in the image, measures density values and calculates pg/ml values for unknown samples from standard curves. Spot location and analysis is automatic and rapid. Providing nearly immediate access to measured sample concentrations.
  • Quality: Custom, high resolution camera/lens for improved image quality and more consistent results
  • Productivity: Image acquisition can take place at the bench, analysis at desk – freeing the imager for other users or to run more plates.
  • Secure: Images can be archived for a permanent record of raw experimental data
  • Set-up: Simple, fast, out-of-the-box installation – ready to use with minimal instruction
  • Compact: Uses <2 sq.ft. of bench space; All components integrated with embedded MacMini and iPad user interface, eliminating need for separate system components
  • Maintenance-free: Unlike fluidic array analysis systems, no daily, weekly or monthly maintenance is required

Imager Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11” wide x 14 ¾” high x 24” deep
  • Type of CCD: Front-illuminated
  • Single Exposure Data Acquisition: 16 bit
  • Resolution: 2184 x 1472 pixels
  • Pixel Size: 6.8 x 6.8 µm
  • Single Exposure Dynamic Range: 65,000 grayscale
  • Cooling: -23⁰C
  • Electrical Configuration: 100-240 VAC/1.8 amperes/50-60 Hz

Save analysis time with Cirasoft™ and Cirareports™

To make reporting easy, Cirasoft™ automatically identifies the exact coordinates of each array spot, creates standard curves, and calculates the protein concentration of each analyte for unknown samples.  The software provides accurate raw, tabulated, and graphical data of your Ciraplex® arrays within minutes.
For large studies, Aushon offers Cirareports, the ultimate in bioinformatics. This optional software package aggregates data across all plates for instant viewing of data in your chosen format.  Cirareports will save days of analysis for multi-plate users.

PROarray Standard Curve Display


  • Expanded Dynamic Range: Multiple exposures are used to form an expanded dynamic range curve to improve the measurement of low level samples while preventing the high level samples from reaching saturation levels.
  • Accurate: Optimized for accurate analysis of quantitative protein arrays.
  • Easy to Use: Standard protocols are easily created and saved. Auto spot location, alignment and measurement make image analysis fast and simple.
  • Nearly Instantaneous Recalculation of Curve Fit and Sample Measurement: Provides immediate response to the removal of outliers
  • Color Heat Map and Gray Scale Options: Selectable image viewing and manipulation options
  • Internal Database: Provides rapid recall of standard and stored protocols.
  • Consistent: Mathematical algorithms and standard ELISA analysis formulas ensure reproducible spot-finding, spot measurement, and analysis.
  • Convenient: The software organizes the final data output by analyte and by sample based on user-defined assay templates, making the information much easier to process.

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