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Step 1. Load an Image
  Cirasoft™ Analyst Software can analyze a set of multiple exposure protein array images captured by the Cirascan™ CCD Imager.

Step 2. Define the Array
  Built in Database for rapid recall of stored protocols and construction of new arrays. Define the analytes and the configuration of the array. Start concentrations are automatically selected form the built in database.

Step 3. Define the Plate Layout
  Indicate wells containing standards, samples, and controls. Once complete, an analysis protocol can be saved for future experiments.

Step 4. Automatic Spot Alignment, Standard Curve Generation and Results Calculated
The software automatically finds all of the spots, plots a standard curve for each analyte and calculates mean, %CV (coefficient of variation), standard deviation, and the Linear Quality for each unknown sample for each analyte.

Step 5. AutomaticMeasurement of Samples
Each sample is measured for each of the analytes. The results are tabulated in a table and available for export to Excel for additional manipulation.

Step 6. Confirm Alignment of Image
  Spots are automatically located, aligned and measured. Most images can be aligned using the Auto Alignment feature. Manual alignment techniques may also be applied to the entire image or small sections of an image. A heat map and gray scale representation of the extended range displays is provided.

Step 7. Export to Excel
The Excel report plots analyzed data by analyte for simple review of results. Standard backfits, LOD, and LOQ are included for each standard curve.

A final summary table shows results for all analytes for each unknown sample.
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