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Cira™ Immunoassay Platform Overview

The Cira immunoassay platform revolutionizes protein biomarker research — combining ELISA’s sensitivity and reproducibility with all the advantages of multiplexing. Only Cira™ delivers on the promise of multiplexing’s throughput and affordability without compromising the sensitivity and consistency of singleplex ELISA.

The Cira™ immunoassay platform consists of the following products and services:

  • Ciraplex® ULTRA Ultrasensitive assay kits will enable researchers and clinicians to measure analytes at previously undetectable levels without giving up the precision and ease of use of our Cira™ platform. With total assay time of under three hours and the ability to read an entire 96-well plate in under five minutes, these assays are suitable for use in Iarge clinical studies. In addition, these assays have a quantitative range of up to 4.5 logs, enabling researchers to simultaneously measure both the high and low regions of the range for a single analyte.
  • Ciraplex® assays utilize up to 12 analytes per well printed in a patent-pending circular pattern. This revolutionary assay technology provides consistent incubation with low sample volume, enabling exceptional reproducibility. A large menu of validated analytes across 7 species.
  • Cirascan™ immunoassay system combines astronomy-grade optics with sophisticated Cirasoft™ software to enhance signal-to-noise ratios for dramatically improved sensitivity, dynamic range and reproducibility.
  • Cirareports™ software quickly analyzes and summarizes data from multi-plate studies for instant viewing in your chosen format.
  • Cira™ services sample testing service utilizes our Ciraplex® immunoassays for sample processing in our CLIA-certified laboratory. Choose from our current menu of multiple validated biomarker assays. Custom assay development and validation services are also available.
  • 2470 Arrayer is the precision printing technology that enables Cira sensitivity, dynamic range, and reproducibility. The 2470 can produce high-quality arrays of DNA, proteins, cell lysates and other sample types using Aushon’s proprietary soft-touch deposition technology. The 2470 arrayer deposits complex biological samples onto a broad range of substrates such as slides, membranes, microtiter plate wells, disks, wafers and chips.
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