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You choose the markers.
We'll run the assay.
You'll get results!

The Aushon Sample Testing CLIA-certified Laboratory is dedicated to custom multiplex analysis of biomarkers and immune proteins from a small volume of sample. The Aushon Laboratory tests a combination of research, pre-clinical and clinical trial samples from life science researchers, biotechnology / pharmaceutical companies and CROs. Aushon Technology has been used successfully with a variety of sample types, including culture supernatant, serum, plasma, BAL, CSF, crevicular fluid, amniotic fluid, nasal wash, cell lysate, peritoneal lavage, synovial fluid, breath condensate, brain microdialysate and various tissue homogenates. Because multiple analytes can be quantified from a very small volume of sample, Aushon Technology is a great option for researchers working with pediatric samples, a rat / mouse model or a low-volume sample type.

How the service works:
The Aushon Sample Testing Service is 100% custom:Quote Form

  1. You select the proteins for analysis from our menu of more than 300 assays. Choose from more than 300 disease markers in areas including allergy, asthma, cancer, cardiac disease, COPD, diabetes/obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, tissue repair/wound healing and transplantation.
  2. You complete a Sample Submission Form and ship samples priority overnight on dry ice to our testing facility. Aushon Technology specialists work closely with you to design appropriate array panels for each individual study.
  3. We receive your samples and carefully log and store each sample in a locked -70°C freezer.
  4. We group the requested analytes into arrays based on compatibility and expected levels.
  5. We manufacture and carefully test each array for specificity and performance.
  6. We test each sample in duplicate at appropriate dilutions.
  7. We provide you with a confidential, electronic report summarizing the pg/ml concentrations of each analyte for each sample within seven to ten business days (Figure 1 below).

Turn-around time may be longer for very large studies or specialized reports. Values reported are the mean value for each sample at the dilution that falls on the most linear portion of the curve. Custom data reports and raw data (assay curves, values for individual replicates, % CV for individual samples, etc.) are available upon request (Figures 2 and 3 below).

Figure 1. AushonProtein Array Analysis Report. This example is for 15 serum samples from diabetic patients analyzed for seven different proteins.

Figure 2 (left). Typical standard curve for human IL-10 in Aushon Chemiluminescent Arrays.

Figure 3 (below). Analyzed data for human IL-10. The summary page in the Aushon Array raw data report displays the mean, S.D. (standard deviation), %CV (coefficient of variation) and fit quality for each sample for each analyte tested.

Advantages of the Cira Sample Testing Service:

  • Multiplex – obtain quantitative data for many proteins from a small volume of sample
  • Accurate – each new assay is validated to ensure proper quantification of natural protein
  • Sensitive – chemiluminescent detection allows for quantification of low levels of specific proteins
  • Reliable – experienced Technicians follow strict GLP procedures and protocols
  • Custom – choose specific biomarkers from a growing Menu of more than 250 assays
  • Fast – standard orders are completed in seven to ten business days
  • Cost effective – competitive pricing with a minimum order of only 10 samples

Ordering Information:

For ordering information, please email us at, or contact your Aushon Account Representative at 978-436-6464

Aushon BioSystems
43 Manning Rd
Billerica, MA 01821