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Blood-based Biomarkers in Clinical Research

Presented by:
Andrew Nixon, PhD, MBA – Assistant Professor of Medicine, Director of the Phase I Biomarker Laboratory at Duke University Medical Center

Andrew Nixon presents the results of one of the largest blood-based multiplex studies to date. The study, using customized multiplex protein panels developed in collaboration with Aushon BioSystems, evaluated over 30 angiogenic factors in the phase III trial of gemcitabine +/- bevacizumab in metastatic pancreatic cancer (CALGB80303), and resulted in the development of a panel designed for the evaluation of multiple angiogenesis regulators for use in cancer patients.

Aushon Multiplex Protein Array Technology Platform
Scott VanArsdell, PhD – Director of Immunoassay Technology, Aushon BioSystems

Recent Phase II and Phase III studies have demonstrated that Aushon's multiplex technology – a multiplexing sandwich-ELISA system based on chemiluminescent detection – can perform as well as the ELISA, while providing all the other benefits of a next-generation, multiplex platform. This clearly demonstrates that Aushon's technology has met the stringent expectations in a late stage clinical trial setting where the performance bar is very high. This presentation will provide an overview of Aushon’s multiplex technology, as well as a look at Aushon’s comprehensive suite of products and services for multiplex protein biomarker discovery, development and analysis, including the SignaturePLUS Imaging and Analysis System being used by Andrew Nixon’s Duke University team.


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