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Bruns Grayson Joins Aushon BioSystems Board of Directors
Expansion of Board Follows $8.8 Million Series B Financing

Billerica, Mass. — September 8, 2015 Aushon BioSystems, a provider of products and services driving the development of personalized medicine, announced that Bruns H. Grayson, Managing Director of ABS Ventures, has been elected to its board of directors. The expansion of its board builds on Aushon’s recent momentum after closing $8.8 million in Series B capital earlier this year.

Aushon provides a suite of multiplex immunoassay products and services for the discovery and development of the biomarkers necessary to advance innovation in personalized medicine, and recently launched its offering of Ultrasensitive Cira™ Assays which enable quantitative detection of proteins at femtogram/ml levels of sensitivity. Aushon’s multiplex approach involves simultaneously measuring and comparing multiple proteins -- eliminating the cost and time obstacles that have traditionally been associated with singleplex ELISAs -- and with the introduction of its new ultrasensitive assays, equips researchers with the tools to detect low abundance or immune-suppressed proteins which were previously undetectable.

Grayson, with over 30 years experience in managing and investing in technology driven companies, took notice of Aushon after learning about its current collaborations developing panels of biomarkers to guide treatment and diagnosis of disease.

“I have a personal interest in advancing technology which can improve health outcomes through better diagnosis and therapeutic options. Aushon’s technology is already impacting the identification of important biomarkers, and has demonstrated the precision and throughput necessary to be used in clinical settings,” said Grayson. “With the addition of ultrasensitive detection capabilities, the opportunity to detect and measure minute changes in expressed proteins opens up new opportunities in research and diagnostics.”

“Advancements in personalized medicine can only happen with technology capable of delivering information in an accurate, time- and cost- effective means,” said Susan Vogt, CEO of Aushon. “Bruns’ experience in guiding companies through all phases of development and growth is an invaluable resource to Aushon as we continue to drive transformation in the industry.”

Grayson has been in venture capital since his start with Adler & Co. in New York in 1981. In 1983, he joined well-known technology investment bank Alex Brown and Sons to lead its venture business, and has been Managing Partner of all ABS Ventures partnerships since. Grayson is a graduate of Harvard College, Oxford University and the University of Virginia School of Law, was elected a Rhodes Scholar in 1974, and served in the US Army in Vietnam, separating as a captain in 1970. Grayson has served on the boards of numerous private and public companies, and currently serves on the boards of Active Network and Zilliant.

About Aushon BioSystems

Aushon BioSystems, Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of multiplex immunoassay products and services for protein biomarker discovery, development, and analysis to leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and diagnostic clients worldwide. Our unique combination of proprietary microarray printing, extensive biomarker content, and innovative Cira™ immunoassay platform delivers exceptional performance, quality, and reliability to accelerate preclinical and clinical biomarker research. Our customers, who include leading pharmaceutical companies and translational research centers, trust Aushon to supply the most reliable biomarker data available, accelerating the evaluation of potential drug candidates and advancing the use of biomarker profiles in therapeutics.

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